Quant Network CEO -Gilbert Verdian


Before I begin let me show you an ultra rare Gilbert Verdian picture from his UNIX days as a member of CSC’s Sydney Security Team. (CSC stands for Computer Sciences Corporation.)

(From left) Gilbert Verdian, Anthony Cox, Stephen Brennan, Nathan Howe, Steve Tai and Oliver Friesen. CSC’s Sydney Security Team in front of the Unix Timeline in Sydney / Australia — june 4, 2003.
Gilbert Verdian, Author of Enterprise Security: Real Solutions to Today’s Security Challenges
This section is from acknowledgement part of the book, and we could see Gilberts name being mentioned.
About Johnny Long and his background. (One can easily search it in Google)
Gilbert Verdian— StrikeForce Australia Lead, Senior Security Architect
About Gilbert in ITU website


Coming back to his previous experience as The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Vocalink — He won the ‘CISO of the Year’ in 2017 and was applauded for his works by Vocalink.

Faster Payments Service, Running in parallel with BACs and CHAPS


When Quant Network partnered with AUCloud (AUCloud is a classified IaaS (cloud Infrastructure as a Service) provider to Australian Government, Defence and Healthcare creating greater productivity and security for Australian citizens.), back in December 2018 we saw a tweet from someone named Scott Wilkie. Lets dive into who this Scott Wilkie is, shall we?

ISO 20022, ISO/TC 307 and ISO/TC 68

ISO 20022 website is a multi part international standard. prepared by ISO Technical committee TC68 Financial Services. First published in 2004, its widely recognised as the standard of the future.

These standards are working closely with ISO/TC 68, ISO/TC 307 is involved here as well.

What exactly is ISO/TC 307?

ISO/TC 307, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, has been set up to meet the growing need for standardization in this area by providing internationally agreed ways of working with it to improve security, privacy and facilitate worldwide use of the technology through better interoperability.

Eric Cohen, former Covenor of ISO/TC 307

ISO/TC 68 is working towards Standardization in the field of banking, securities and other financial services and ISO/TC 307 towards Standardisation of blockchain technologies and distributed ledger technologies.

FIG was founded in 1878 and is a United Nations and World Bank recognized non-governmental organization of national member associations, cadastral and mapping agencies and ministries, universities and corporates from over 120 countries.
Organisations in liasion with ISO/TC 307
Organisations in liasion with ISO/TC 68

“The result of the combination of these technologies, through a partnership between Simba Chain and Quant, is to allow any individual or business interested in using any supported blockchain on the Quant Overledger to deploy their solutions in a matter of minutes. It will simplify the complexities of smart contract code through the SIMBA Chain SCaaS platform, while engaging the ease of Overledger’s interoperability to enable a hyper-connected world powered by multi-chain smart contracts.”

Quant Networks Overledger mentioned in Chainlink article

The SWIFT connection

Shifting my focus to SWIFT and going through a paper from SWIFT Labs, I came across the term “DLT Sandbox” being mentioned alongside the first use case as SWIFTgpi. As you can see it clearly in the picture below it mentions that this DLT Sandbox will be a key tool to enable customers to experiment use cases with SWIFT.

Bank Of England

The UK standards community has been actively involved with ISO 20022 from its inception via the British Standards Institute (BSI), the body which led the ISO development work that delivered ISO 20022. The Pay.UK Standards Authority actively participates in the governance structures and bodies of the ISO 20022 standard, acting on behalf of the UK’s interests where appropriate.

Federal Reserve System

On 26th January 2015, Federal Reserve System published their Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System. Going through its strategy #4 which says — “Achieve greater end to end efficiency for domestic and cross border payments (2015 and beyond). Develop an implementation strategy for the application of the ISO 20022 standard to U.S. payment transactions”

Australian Government

On March 2017, Standards Australia published a report — “ROADMAP FOR BLOCKCHAIN STANDARDS”. This is all about ISO/TC 307, more information in this link: https://www.standards.org.au/getmedia/ad5d74db-8da9-4685-b171-90142ee0a2e1/Roadmap_for_Blockchain_Standards_report.pdf.aspx

With this I’m wrapping up, there’s many more I could have shared but this is enough to grasp for the time being! Hope it was a good read :)