Ferrum Network AMA

Dont worry we do many more AMAs and are constantly marketing FRM. We understand this market pretty well after being in the trenches for nearly 2 years. Doesn’t matter how great our tech is if no one knows about it! This is why we focus heavily on marketing and getting the word out there. That will only ramp up as we bring out our global non custodial wallet — UniFyre Wallet

UniFyre will be a bit of a test case for us. And this comes out much sooner. Its in private beta testing now and will be launched in Q1. We will need everyones help spreading the word about UniFyre and are coming up with some innovative marketing strategies that will reward people for helping to get UniFyre on everyones phone who is in crypto.

“I want to thank everyone for participating the AMA. I hope it was informative for you all! If you liked what you learned, I encourage you to join the Ferrum Network community and continue to stay involved.

Happy to come back in 3–4 months for a follow up so everynoe can stay abreast of our progress. 2020 will be a huge year for FRM and for crypto!” — Ian



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